Hunt List

This page will serve as your hunt guide.  You will find the shops Name, Slurl, and Hint. This will be the only spot for updates.  If you come into a shop that has errors, please skip and move on to the next slurl.  Please do NOT contact shop owners about issues with hunt!

Revised 10/31/11 

Hint: …Keeps the Doctor away!
Hint: Dip me in Chocolate, Champagne, and Diamonds!
– [LoveFactory]-
Hint:   Touch this heart for your daily love tip!
Hint:  The raindrops at FLOOD will make me soggy!  So I must take cover!
Sweethearts Cafe & Bakery
Hint: Look at all the sweet gifts!
Les sucreries de Fairy
Hint:  I love demons
Bound & Bitten
Hint: See multi hunt hint giver at tp landing
 <GC> ХОРОШИЙ ОДЕЖДА (good clothing)
Hint:  You are invited to an orbital party.  
OG Unlimited
Hint: Pillows Soft As A Mermaid’s Kiss
Hint: I’m a huntress on the prowl for strawberries.
Hint:  BIg cat safari
PeKaS design
Hint:  be carefull around medusa, she is watching you
Reila Skins & Fashion
Hint: “Under my umbrella”
PDN’s Potpourrri
Hint:  I love flavored coffee, Chocolate is the best!!
Hint:  This kimono is great camoflauge for a strawberry!
Bitter Bunnie Designs
Hints: For Her: Wind me up
          For Him: “Feeling lucky?
Aphrodite Megastore
Hint: lets go picnic, or camping, dont know anything outdoors this weekend?
Hint:  when I cross the door I look in front and juicy red strawberry fire expect me to gathers
Hint: In the room of clothes where lovers meet, you’ll find the yummy treat nestled in pillows.
Hint:  Violetta is not framed!
Hint:  The bear will eat the strawberry! 
Hint:  too much formal!!
BagLady Design
Hint:  dipped in chocolate marshmellows?
Hint:  When you are looking for a bit of ROMANCE, Maybe a cuddle or a nice slow dance
   Then again something dipped in chocolate never misses, and is sure to get you some TENDER KISSES.
Hint: Incredible ghost
Pin Cushion
Hint:  We all have a “KINK”
Wicked, Inc.
Hint: Hope the birds don’t eat it before you find it.
Kakia Designs
Hint:  Another Cat!
KingPin* Fashions
Hint: Rules will put you in the corner
Hint:  Sometimes its necessary to take a coffee break
Studio Nails
Hint:  Careful the sparkel may suddenly change color on you if you press the button
Clarity Creations 
Hint:  Do not dress without looking at the stands
Hint:  I love sale specials!
Cummere Mayo Creations
Hint:  What goes with chocolate?
 Static Clothing Co.
Hint:  Framed in White
Scandalous Main Store
Hint:  Warm yourself by the fire
Hint:  Shoes and chocolate, 2 of our favorite things.
Ooh-la-licious Skins®
Hint:  “All the world’s a stage.”

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